Connect to a new community

Good Shepherd Trinity has many ways to connect with other members. Along with events posted on our  calendar of events, there are several groups that meet for bible study, fellowship, and service weekly or monthly.

Adult Bible Study

There are two adult bible study groups – one meets Tuesdays, 10:45 – noon, in the Choir Room (enter at the north door).  The Tuesday bible study group is open to all who care to come.

The Sunday Morning Bible Study meets during our Faith Formation time at 10:45 on Sunday mornings. Sunday Bible study uses a Bible study curriculum,  the Present Word Bible study program, and delve into different books of the bible each quarter.  Our group changes weekly, and all are welcome to join any week.


Trimble Circle and Meach Circle are the two women’s circles that meet once a month throughout the school year. The ladies meet at each other’s homes on Mondays around lunchtime – Trimble Circle the 1st Mondays and Meach Circle the 2nd Mondays of the month. If you are interested in learning more about Circle, please contact the church office and a member of the Circle will call you.


Good Shepherd Trinity’s Voyagers is a service and fellowship club. The local club was a part of the national Mariners organization.  The national Mariners no longer exist.  However,  Presbyterian churches around the country continue to maintain their local Mariner group just as Good Shepherd Trinity (with Voyagers) has done to this day.

Fund raisers have been held:  shrimp suppers, pizza sales, rummage sales.  The ship carried a cargo (profits) to support the Salvation Army, Sojourner Truth House, Bibles purchased for Trinity’s 3rd grade Sunday School classes, the church’s general fund.  These are only a few of the recipients of the thousands of dollars earned with the dedicated hard work of the Voyagers.

Today’s Voyagers have grown into a fellowship that includes singles and couples.  It has become more open and flexible to meet the needs of our church community.  A Galley Crew of members executes the pre-planned monthly activities: Theater, Brewers, picnic, tours, movies are a few of the events. Voyagers also is one of the two main groups behind our annual Rummage Sale – with funds raised going to support current mission within and around the church.

You are invited to set sail with this energetic and faithful group.  See where we are carried on the GST Voyager ship.  Smooth sailings are always ahead! Contact the church office an a Skipper will be calling you.