Meet the Staff

Pianist: Greta Armata

Currently our pianist…having had to give up the organ because of physical limitations.  Greta has been playing for church services in some form since age 14. She likes to wear hats and collect all manners of Peace symbols.

Bookkeeper: Penny Larson

Penny’s job at the church is to ensure that all financial transactions are accurately recorded and to help church leadership stay on top of all things involving the churches finances. She learned her bookkeeping skills while being a lifelong volunteer for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). She served the PTA at the local, council and state levels. Though retired from her volunteer work, she still does audits for many local PTA units. Penny’s hobbies are walking her dog Taffy, gardening and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Office Administrator: Ahleo Ricks (not pictured)

Ahleo handles pretty much everything office-related at GST. Although she works another job; singing, drumming, poetry, & all things creative expression, are how she spends most of her free time. She loves good books, good music, good people, & good food.