Transition Team News: We’ve Begun!

The Transition Team is formed and beginning its work! On Sunday, March 13, seven people were installed as GST’s Transition Team: Joy Harshberger, Vi Hawkins, Mary Hix, Henry Kranendonk, Kathy Myles, Beverly Stribling, and Lisa Quinn. In partnership with Pastor Wendy, they will lead the congregation in undertaking a visioning process in 2016, in order to discern how God is calling GST to be God’ s people in teh future.

Their first step will be to receive training that will aid them in doing their work. They’ve already attended a worship for congregational leaders led by Sandy Chrostowski of the Greater Milwaukee Synod (ELCA). On March 15th, they met again with Pastor Wendy to continue their orientation. After their training is finished, they’ll begin planning the next steps in the process.


What can you do to support the Transition Team?

First, pray for them daily. Prayer support is vital to the success of this process.

Second, participate when the team begins organizing events. The Transition Team’s purpose is to equip and lead the¬†congregation in its discernment of fresh directions. so you are needed to participate!

Finally, keep up with what the Team is doing. Read future newsletter articles and weekly worship announcements. Listen to mission minutes during worship. And ask questions when you see one of the team members. They’ll be happy to share both their enthusiasm and the team’s progress with you.