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Sherman Park Food Pantry

The Sherman Park Food Pantry, located weekly in the Good Shepherd Trinity Gathering Space, is open to the public every  Tuesday (closed the 1st Tuesday of the month) from 8:30 – 10:00 A.M. We also are located at Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church every Thursday (closed the 1st Thursday of the month) from 8:30-10:00 A.M. Each week the Pantry donates bags of food without charge to between 75 – 100 families.  Our clients include the elderly, the working poor, the single parent and people with disabilities.  To be served, bring an ID for each member of the family.

The mission of the Food Pantry is to feed the hungry as efficiently and equitably as possible.  Our food is purchased from Feeding America and includes frozen meat, frozen dinners, pizzas, canned meat, fruits and vegetables, cereal and boxed dinners.  In addition, surplus bread and bakery, some dairy and fresh produce is collected from several super markets.

The Food Pantry is run by a group of  volunteers who are dedicated to the various jobs of packing the food bags, interviewing clients, keeping records, shopping for the food and transporting the food to the site.

Donations of dollars to the Sherman Park Food Pantry for the purchase of food at Feeding America are always welcome.  Volunteers who can do heavy lifting of food between Feeding America and the Food Pantry are always needed.  Other volunteers can work with clients during the pantry  hours of operation. If you have questions, call SPFP President  Sue Fix  262-523-9533.