E-Liturgy (Worship Service) For March 22, 2020

Good Morning

We have an amazing staff who have been all-hands-on-deck to put this together for you. You will find Greta’s amazing musical talents and Ahleo and Kate-Lynn’s tireless behind the scenes diligence. Thank them lots! 

Also many thanks to Mary Hix, Property Chair, for her tireless efforts to maintain good stewardship of our church building and her team members (Jerry, Monica, Jack, Antonio, and Antonio) which have been excellent at fixing the unexpected tiny projects and big ones too.

Good Shepherd Trinity Church, like many small organizations and businesses, is in a unique position of caring for its friends and members while also maintaining financial solvency. If you are in a position to maintain your contributions please, please do so. While we have some reduced expenses of not being together – paper, communion elements, utilities – we still leaped out on faith with a deficit budget this year. You may mail your contributions to the church office. The mail is being collected regularly and donations will be processed as soon as possible. We are working on electronic giving.

I want to hear from you. So, between a full house of kids, cats, and now a working-from-home husband, I will be checking in on all of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out day or night if you are in need of pastoral care, food, toilet paper or prayer. My cell is 414-731-7303. 

Be well friends! Know you are loved.
Pastor Amanda 

CONNECT: Instead of a call to worship, you will find a call to community. As we worship continuously in our lives, we remember that we are one part of a larger community, the body of Christ.

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