Did You Know? … by Carol

April 2016

I’ve been writing this column for three years and I’ve just about told you everything I know. I may start making things up soon. Be alert. Here a few bits and pieces…..to be taken as truth.

  • An administrator plus some of the older boys from our neighboring Townsend Street School come on Tuesdays to help the food pantry workers clean up at the end of their morning.
  • Clean dishes in our kitchen’s dishwashers do not put themselves away.
  • The Combined Council is now known as the Congregational Council. It’s called the C/C for short. Christian Characters. Cute Cousins. Conspicuous Consumers. Crazy Creeps. It all depends upon Tuesday’s meeting!
  • Half empty bottles of juice left in the small ‘frig off the Narthex turn to nasty juice after a few weeks.
  • Open bags of pretzels or crackers left for “next week’s use” in the Narthex cabinets are forgotten and turn stale after a few weeks.
  • The person who finds these generous left overs turns cranky after a few weeks.
  • Nineteen adults enjoyed coloring in “adult coloring books” at the March TPW luncheon and no one turned red in embarrassment…..must have been pretty pictures.
  • The GST iceberg is almost melted off the front lawn. Spring is coming. God is Good!
  • Someone tidied the narthex coffee fellowship cabinets thus changing cranky person to happy person.
  • C/C Ministry Committees are seeking to add Christian Characters to their committees to help with short term projects. Will you make yourself available?
  • Fourteen kids and five adults went bowling March 13 with Monica and all survived with tales of fun. Merry Christmas.

It takes us a while to get some things done at GST but be assured things are done properly and orderly…..at least that’s how we’re calling it.

The Transition Team will come calling. Will you make yourself available?