At Good Shepherd Trinity, we are being asked the same questions over and over – “Who are you going to change into- because you NEED to change and cannot be the same”. But what does that mean? What can we do that is different?

Vibrant Faith has some suggestions on how to focus on what is needed to grow and change the church.  This month, they  are introducing a 5 part series of articles on “A New Faith Forming Ecosystem”.  We know that having everyone separate, doing separate things, has not grown the church. We know we want to be all together – we decided to join congregations together, we decided to have one service – we WANT to do things together. It is the “how” that we are unsure of.

Part 2 about the New Ecosystem is Intergenerational Relationships.

Throughout the Biblical tradition there is a pervasive sense that all generations—from the youngest to the oldest—were typically present when faith communities gathered for worship,  learning the tradition, reading the Bible, celebrating rituals, praying, serving those in need, and supporting each other.

Congregations need to be intentionally intergenerational—making it a priority to foster intergenerational relationships, faith sharing, and storytelling; to incorporate all generations in worship; to develop service projects that involve all ages; and to engage all generations in learning together.

– John Roberto – Vibrant Faith

We have several generations of people at church each week – we are ahead of the game on that. We know each other’s names and a bit about each other – check #2. How can we take that to the next step – learning, serving, and praising together?


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