Today was my last Sunday at Good Shepherd Trinity. I am officially done later this week. During my tenure as the pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran and then at Good Shepherd Trinity, I have been blessed to journey with so many amazing people who are deeply faithful, awesomely creative, and incredibly insightful. I have learned so much over these many years, and have come to love the people who have shaped and challenged me. It was hard to take in the significance of all the good bye hugs I received today. The finality of this part of my ministry being over hit me as I took off my robe and stole, in the quiet of my office, with the sounds of the bustling morning echoing in my head. Such a simple act, yet in that moment, it was so clear that one chapter is ending and a new one is beginning. Transitions are precious times of letting go, taking risks, and stepping forward down a new path, with adventures yet untold waiting to be discovered. I am so grateful that I do not journey alone. I give thanks to God for life and breath this evening, for miracles great and small, for healing and reconciliation, and for never giving up on us.

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