How does My storyStory at the Crossroads

connect to Your story

and embrace God’s story

to become Our story?


Our stories meet at the crossroads when I tell you “my” story, when I hear and relate to “your” story, when we connect to “God’s” story, and when all combine to become “Our” story. We invite you to come and be a part of building our story of faith that we take to the world and live out in our actions and words on a daily basis.

Join us on Wednesday evenings in Lent as we travel together to each EPiC church for a soup dinner and worship. Soup dinner will be served starting at 6pm, worship and conversation at 7:00pm.

Offering collections each week will go to support Sojourner Family Peace Center. Established in 1975, the mission of Sojourner Family Peace Center is to transform lives impacted by domestic violence.

Come and be a part of Stories at the Crossroads this Lent–

Feb 25—”Sharing My Story” – here at CDLC

Join us at Capitol Drive Lutheran Church, (5305 W. Capitol Dr.) for our first Lenten worship. We take time during this service to know our own story—who am I? What are my deep values? What’s my purpose in life? Then we will share our  stories with each other, celebrating our joined communities.


Mar 4 – “Connecting Your Story” – at Good Shepherd Trinity

Stories flow in many ways. Some are linear, other circular, an still others are more like a spiral. Yet all stories connect in some way to other stories. This evening at Good Shepherd Trinity Lutheran Presbyterian Church, (3302 N. Sherman Blvd) will be about exploring the interconnections of your story.


March 11 – “Celebrating God’s Story” – at Albright United Methodist

We meet at Albright United Methodist Church (56th and Capitol) to explore the historical roots of United Methodism’s commitment to diversity and social change. Through Word and Song, we remember God’s call “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God” For more than 167 years, Albright and her predecessors have struggled to answer the call to do justice. Let’s celebrate the common heritage and reflect on God’s story lived through our EPiC communities.


March 18 – “Living Our Stories” – at Spirit of Peace Lutheran

We continue at Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church, (55th and Lloyd) where we will discover many ancient rituals and spiritual practices that help us live our lives of faith, alone and with each other.


March 25 – “Singing the Stories” – at Bethel-Bethany UCC

We close our series at Bethel-Bethany United Church of Christ, (54th and Locust). We will share songs from our different faith traditions that help us to tell our story and share God’s story with others.