A Terrific Opportunity Right Across the Street

Our church has had a long relationship with Townsend School – right across the street. Each one of us now has the opportunity to help the “kids in our neighborhood” by volunteering to tutor at Townsend. Townsend is part of the Milwaukee Public School system and is a K8 school – kindergarten through eighth grade. They are particularly in need of individuals to tutor reading in the lower grades. Ideally, it would be good if individuals could tutor 3 times per week for about l-l/2 hours. But life is not ideal and they certainly would be happy with someone who could not give that amount of time. Folks could tutor individually or with a partner. And the only expertise and experience you need is being able to read, loving children, and passing a criminal background check. I have been tutoring at Townsend for a number of years in 2nd grade reading.

I have experienced numerous mornings when it is cold and snowing and I just want to “stay at home” (because that is what retirees are supposed to be able to do) but I realize it is my day for tutoring. So I moan and groan to myself a bit, then get dressed, hit the road and am never disappointed that I made it to school. The kids are always happy to see you, they are ready to learn, and I realize that over the years I have learned as much from them as they have from me – and not just in reading. These kids often come from difficult home situations. You, at some point, realize that often you can have a profound effect on these children by just being there for them. Yes, there are a few days when the kids can be rather rambunctious and a bit trying but the good days far outnumber the more difficult ones. So won’t you please think about and then act on becoming a tutor at Townsend. Mrs. Guyton is the volunteer coordinator at the school and is wonderful to work with.

Please contact me for more information or contact Mrs. Guyton directly at 874-5909. She is at the school from 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day. – Karen Olsen