Many times during the past year, I have asked for people to answer a simple question…”What are you thankful for today?” It is easy to complain about things, but how are you doing at being grateful?

When we take the time to reflect on what we are grateful for on a regular basis, it changes everything. Instead of focusing only on what is wrong or on that which we do not seem to have enough of, we start to see what is right. We see the abundance of things that sustain, surprise, uplift and fill our spirits. Not only that, when we have an attitude of gratitude, we also start to see ways through difficult situations. We can be more creative in the face of that which might otherwise threaten to deflate us, to stop us from trying,  hoping, trusting, or loving with our whole selves.

So this Thanksgiving weekend, as the earth prepares for winter, as we prepare for the holidays, as Jesus prepares to meet us again and again where ever we are, I invite you to consider making a gratitude list at the beginning or end of each day. Pray that list. Share it with family and/or friends. Pay attention to how this affects what you feel, think, and see around you.  In thanksgiving for the abundance of grace and love that God pours out upon us everyday, I rejoice and I give thanks for all of you.

Peace, Pastor Kristin Nielsen