Good Shepherd Trinity on TMJ4

MILWAUKEE – Annysa Johnson with the Journal Sentinel joins us to talk about Rev. Kristin Nelson.


EASTER: For as long as she can remember, the Rev. Kristin Nielsen has experienced God and the world through the lens of her Lutheran faith. She grew up a “PK” a pastor’s kid in a Lutheran home. She attended a Lutheran seminary, and has spent more than a decadecheck preaching the Gospel in Evangelical Lutheran churches.


These days, Nielsen pastors a combined Presbyterian-Lutheran congregation on Milwaukee’s west side as two churches — Good Shepherd Lutheran and Trinity Presbyterian — work toward a rare and once-unthinkable merger across denominational lines. Theirs is in many ways an Easter story — one of death and new life, of letting go and trusting that what is to come is greater than what was. Annysa Johnson.

See the clip online:


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