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In the Garden – germination….

by gst
New Creations - lg

Little happenings, chance encounters, random acts are possibilities for big results. While weeding and pruning in front of our house, a man came by on his bike and stopped. I recognized him as the person who helped my son with his flat tire last winter. I asked him if he wanted to buy a   tomato […]

Spiritual Wellbeing

by gst

Spirituality is how we are in relationship to God, to other people, to the world around us, and to ourselves. Spirituality is the process of staying engaged in these relationships, the intention we bring to them, and how willing we are to evolve as the relationship affects us. Brian C. Taylor, Introduction, Strength for the […]

Wholeness Wheel and Lent

by gst
Wholeness Wheel

A new year has begun, and I have decided to share with you once again a resource from Portico Benefits called “The Wholeness Wheel”. I used this during Lent 2012, and feel the richness of this material is worth revisiting. Reprinted here is the graphic and a brief explanation of each part of the wheel. […]